The Panamerican Federation of Squash was created in 1989, with the first president Juan Carlos Barvo from Colombia, who was the biggest contributor to the development of the organization. Under his presidency, in 1991, the first Panamerican tournament was organized in Medellin, Colombia. In this first tournament, due to being in the early stages of forming the federation, there were only four established national federations playing in the tournament.

In 1995 squash became one of the main sports in the Panamerican Games, hosted by Argentina, where the sport had a huge success among the athletes and the other nations in the Americas.  Due to this big success, squash began to grow in the other nations in the Americas and new national federations began to form.

Now, squash is included by 28 federations in the Americas, participating in the Panamerican Games that have continued since their conception in 1991.